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ESP Presents the Future

ESP is synonymous to ethics & discipline !

"Unlock the potency of mavens to optimize their art of leadership!"

In this ever-evolving competitive business environment, individual's ultimate measurement is his/her stand, during times of opportunities and challenges. Your 'decisions' will 'decide' the course of your business - whether to 'go with the flow' or 'leave a trail to follow.'

We are all participants in a dynamic global ecosystem and its impact is felt along the entire gamut of all that life has to offer. This is truer within the scope of career choices we all make, that aims to deliver an efficient springboard to enduring success. Our decisions will eventually determine whether we yearn to be the influenced or an influencer.

Assuming you will prefer the latter, securing the dedication of a competent leader is your organisation's foremost challenge.

ESP is a two decade young, boutique corporate resources advisory setup. We aim to align potential talent, bespoke strategy and scientific tools to ensure the continued success of an organisation's vision.

Identifying the proverbial hidden gem, we match precision performers with an organisation's unique requirements. It's these driven individuals who'll steer performance, reputation and excellence, thereby transforming an enticing image into an enduring impression.

    Where we stand out!
  • ESP has perennially embraced a unique culture which is, sensitive, responsive and entrepreneurial.
  • We always deliver a cohesive effort to surpass client expectations.
  • We take pride in fostering an enduring partnership with all our clients.
  • Consistency within ESP-Most of us are within ESP for more than 10 years.

We Provide Next Services

In the war for right talent, a skilled, insightful and a consummate approach to closing a search can make the difference between success and failure.

Search & Selection

ESP’s peerless proficiency in executive enrolment services aims to assist the client in accepting challenges of today’s intensely competitive environment.

Career Mentoring

ESP excels in career mentoring thereby empowering today’s exciting prospects to perennially deliver the vanguard for corporate success.

Leadership Consulting

ESP has always been an ardent proponent of embracing a holistic approach to empowering leadership capability and transforming the same into a client's success mantra with our leadership consulting services.

Outplacement Services

Partnering with an employee often fosters an emotional bond. This renders the prospect of redundancy as nothing short of an emotional upheaval Therefore, when a team member takes the decision of exiting a company, he/she takes along its ethics and reputation.

We always try to provide you the best business consulting service.

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